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Crawfish Shack & Oyster Bar


An Austin staple with over 15 years of history, the Crawfish Shack and Oyster Bar has consistently brought the best of Cajun Cuisine to the North Austin area. The defacto "go-to" location for THE BEST live crawfish, seasonal crab, and fresh oysters you can get in the area. Recently, we've also upped our game to include a super vibrant lunch business with the most authentic Po-Boys, Jambalaya, Gumbos, and other Cajun favorites you can find in the area.


With multiple deliveries daily, it's going to be almost impossible to find fresher seafood in the market. With our robust supplier network, we consistently provide the best live seafood year-round. In Season, our partners can get us the tastiest live crawfish, freshest crab, and most succulent shrimp in the region. Whether from the Gulf, the Eastern Shoreboard, or the West Coast, our Oysters will always be the best quality available. Topping it off with our proprietary (locally blended) seasonings, you're going to experience the out-of-this-world flavor that is authentically Cajun with the Biggest/ Baddest attitude Texas has to offer.


Sean has been leading restaurants for over 25 years all over the South - from the Panhandle of Texas to the Panhandle of Florida, you can find his mark on everything from fast casual to white tablecloth establishments. Extremely passionate about seafood, good times, and sea sustainability, he ensures that his restaurant group is continuously providing the highest quality ingredients and great times at every location.


"Jody", is Texas born and bred and has a rich history in the restaurant business; everything from casual "wine country" cuisine to classic Texas catering. Jody brings a sophistication and customer-centric vibe to our already rockin' establishment.